7 Nov 2013

Agnes Obel , a voice from the underground Denmark , album ''Aventine'' 2013

Beats and Bobs

You can't go wrong with Agnes. Her world is lyrical, mystical, spiral. Probably there is 
something in Copenhagen that makes you dream of the unknown. A magnetic sadness 
that pulls your soul's  strings and flies them away.  

2 Nov 2013

New self-titled album out January 2014

Beats and Bobs

‘Warpaint’ tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Keep It Healthy
3. Love Is To Die
4. Hi
5. Biggy
6. Teese
7. Disco//Very
8. Go In
9. Feeling Alright
10. CC
11. Drive
12. Son

18 Sep 2013

''It tastes like metal''
''Like before?''
''Like tomorrow''
'''Like everyday?''
''Maybe I should stop''
''Maybe you should start.Again. Like before. Like tomorrow. Like everyday. 
Only this time you will come undone'' 

23 Jun 2013

“I’ve always been inspired by really dark material and from the beginning I knew I wanted the songs to be much darker, both musically and lyrically” Will Wiesenfeld aka Baths


Baths - Obsidian  2013
“Anything I found that felt like a unique vision of darker emotions or atmospheres, I tried to absorb,” Baths says. “Being a positive and outgoing guy made it that much more difficult getting into that mindset. It was a matter of tapping into that and returning with songs that felt genuine and somehow from my own personal experience.”
This is the power of Obsidian. It combines universal questions with personal pain. On just his second album, Baths exhibits what only a few artists are capable of: painting in any shade they desire.

29 May 2013

John Talabot , vibes from Spain

John Talabot teamed up with Pional to create the theme song Braves  for the 32nd Divina Pastora Marathon in Valencia , Spain , on November 2012. 

19 May 2013

DJ Kou-G from Japan

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Chet Faker is the future

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 '' I've always been a massive believer in spending time on creating the music, rather than convincing labels and that sort  of thing''  Chet Faker aka Nick Murphy